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 Charles the lion hearted

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PostSubject: Charles the lion hearted    Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:21 am

Charles like most dwarfs was born in the mines. His parents knew he would become a great dwarf one day just by looking at the determination in his eyes. Like all dwarfs at the age of three he got his family dwarfen crest tattoo'd onto his chest, a lion. Not to long after however he was with his mother outside of the mine fetching fresh water and fruits to take back for diner, their happy moment was cut short however by a group of human bandits who took Charles and slew his mother. They enslaved Charles and sold him to the prince, Archer who gave him to his personal blacksmith, who besides Charles now is the only dwarf in Archer's castle. Although his personal blacksmith Archer hated Godfrey (the blacksmith), he treated him like shit and gave him less food, water, and no pay. Godfrey raised Charles like his own son even though he was already at the age of forty. Godfrey taught Charles all about smithing and more importantly how to use the weapons he created. By the time he was fourteen Charles was a master with a hammer, not just a smiths hammer either, Charles preferred a mace when training to fight, he liked the brute force just emanating from his hands when he yielded such a powerful weapon. Godfrey gave Charles everything, most of his food and water and all of his knowledge, not just about smithing, about Turast, the world every creature calls home. On the eve of Charles nineteenth birthday he set out into town to "acquire" some extra bread as he wanted Godfrey to eat more than just his scraps for the first time in years. Charles moved slow unfortunately due to the large amounts of ale he had consumed secretly, fighting and ale, two things Charles had come to love. Charles was caught red handed on the way out of the bakery, he didn't know what to do but run, so he ran right back to Godfrey's shack. As Charles busted through the door awakening Godfrey he had little time to explain to him what happened. Godfrey knew they would surely kill Charles as the Prince had come to hate Charles as-well. Godfrey knew there was only one option, kill them all. Godfrey ran into the smithing house and grabbed his personal hammer "pain". They fought their way out of the castle until at-last they had made it out. They started there walk into the desert when behind them they heard a man shout from the castle gate house, "THE DAY YOU DEFY ME IS THE DAY I AM NO LONGER BREATHING," it was Archer. Just then the sound of an arrow's whistle made it to Charles ear but right as his eyes shifted to Godfrey was the moment that the arrow struck Godfrey in the chest, Godfrey fell to his knee's. Charles fell to his side and tears started falling from his eyes as they spoke there last words. Godfrey's eyes shut and Charles removed the arrow from his chest he then broke the tip off, he grabbed Godfrey's hammer and set off back to his home, the mine. Charles knew from that day on what every day in his life would be consumed by, not just killing Archer, but slaughtering him until every drop of his black blood fell from his veins. That night Charles set up a make shift camp for the night, a fire to keep him warm and "pain" to keep him safe. All he could do was cry that night, the only person in his life who he truly knew was dead and it was his fault. He held the arrow tip in his hands tight. That night he cried himself to sleep. He awoke early in the morning to the sound of a horse in full gallop, as he opened his eyes the glare of the tormenting sun blinded him, but he could see just enough to see a small group of bandits wearing prince Archers' tabard. He sprung up and grabbed "pain", he stood ready not knowing if he would live or not. Now he could see them much clearer, there was three of them, an archer, a larger man who carried a giant ax, and a thin small man who looked to be a leader of the group. They came to a stop about 10 feet infront of Charles and dismounted. The leader slowly advanced to Charles, he pointed to his chest and said "A lion is courageous, powerful, and brave. Qualities you do not bear, slave." "You are awfully judgmental to someone you do not know, bastard," Charles replied. The leader snarled at his remark then drew a dagger from his boot, "speak with your hammer dwarf!" Anger flowed through Charles' veins almost more than blood, he clenched Pain tight. The hammer started to flow with energy, Charles' rage filled Pain with power, the hammer glowed bright. Charles looked down amazed. The bandit took this quick moment to drive his dagger deep into his left leg, with the pain Charles felt deep in his leg Pain grew stronger. He mustered all he could to stand and strike a blow onto the bandits head, his head split open and he fell to the ground dead. The other two mounted up and rode away scared for their life. The next two weeks of his life where spent traveling the plains north back to his homeland. When he finally saw the great mountains in the distance he rejoiced and made camp early that night so he could watch the sun set over the north mountains. The next morning he made the journey up the slope, he came to a split in the road by a small lake and grove, he wasnt sure which way to go but remembered this area for some reason. Tears rolled down his eyes and a thought came to his head, this is where it happened. He stood up and cleared his thought, he had to press on. he came to the entrance of the mine, something was off though as he approached. Smoke plumed out of the entrance, he covered his mouth with a rag and entered. Not fifteen feet from the entrance stood prince Archers banner, on it a note was posted "the day you defy me...". His outrage made Pain glow a red hot aura. He knew what he had to do, Godfrey's teachings must be put to his first real use. He ventured deep into the mine and started to craft a set of armor the gods would be jealous of. The last to be made was a mighty shield that stood almost as high as Charles, on it he crafted a lion. He put on his new armor and set out for *place holder for land bridge city* As he approached the great city he was amazed by such a great sight, this was the beginning of a new life for him. He is to be called "Lion" now, and though he may be starting a new life, his hatred for Archer doubles by the hour. afro

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PostSubject: Re: Charles the lion hearted    Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:27 am

Great stuff Dylan. Now we just need the other info. Check out Rydelus char topic for that shit u missed like skills And appearences etc
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Charles the lion hearted
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