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 Colin "The Daring" Droverson

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PostSubject: Colin "The Daring" Droverson   Colin "The Daring" Droverson I_icon_minitimeFri May 27, 2011 3:46 pm

Name: Colin “The Daring” Droverson
Age: 25
Race: Human
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 170lbs
Blood Type: A
Alignment: Good
Occupation: Entertainer, Adventurer, Jack of All Trades
Class: Bard

Appearance/Personality: Colin looks like a normal human; he stands a little shorter than the average human, but is in great shape, and wears cloths that would be considered in fashion, no matter what he is doing. If he is playing for a king and his court, he is wearing clothes that would make the most fashionable aristocrat say “I want what he has!” Colin doesn’t follow the style of the country, he makes it, if he were dungeon delving, he would be the one in the finest and most protective leather in the party, he might not be the most protected, but by the God’s he would be looking the best. He has medium length brown hair that he sometimes has to brush out of his hazel eyes. Sporting a perfect goatee he trims daily and continues to look as dapper as ever. He does have a sense of narcissism about him, but hey who wouldn’t when you look as good as he does and everyone loves you? Or is it only in his mind? Either way, people cannot say that he isn’t usually the talk of the town. All in all though he is genuine and a good hearted person who tries to help those in need and vanquish needless evil from the world.

Skills: Colin is a skilled musician, meaning he can play almost any instrument, he can sing almost perfectly, well for a human anyways. Elves have complimented him on his voice, which is almost unheard of in the world. His songs can inspire people to rise up and defeat impossible odds. His songs and stories are what bring hope to those he spends his time around. He can smooth talk a merchant out of con in a heartbeat, and he can also con a merchant twice as fast as that. He is handy with the steel as well; he has been trained in the art of short sword fighting. He prefers to use rapiers, or the cutlass when in combat. Trained in acrobatics, and being very agile, he is also very skilled a dueling. Half the time talking his opponents ear off in the process of usually taking that same ear off in the fight. Colin also has a gift most humans do not have, he is not afraid of anything; this is a curse and a gift. This does not mean he is stupid, no in fact he would be considered smarter than the average population. He is also a history buff even if some of the history are tall tales and may not be totally accurate.

Bio: Colin grew up as an aristocrat to a wealthy merchant who lived in the one of the many towns in the Shale Countryside. At the age of two years old he had already picked up a harp and was playing the most beautiful songs written by humans. His mother and father were so inspired at his gift they brought every musician in the town to come and teach Colin as much as they could about music. By the age of eight Colin was the best musician in town. He also had the gift of “gab” he could tell stories like no others, and he would act them out in front of an audience of people in the town square. At the age of fourteen he left home and joined a traveling show that put on plays for everyone in the countryside. From town to town he went and acted, and brought song to the people. In one town he was taken aside by a “high elf” and told he was so good that the “high elf” wanted to train him in their people’s ways of music. This was unheard of, and Colin not being afraid of any challenge quickly left the party he was with and went and learned from the elves. They also taught him how to fight, a quick and beautiful method, the ways of the duelist, and the acrobat. He was now just as quick with the blade as he was with his tongue. Colin has the heart of an artist and he enjoys life and the beauty it brings, he despises senseless evil and has gone on a few adventures to make a quick end of those types of people, plus the pay isn’t bad either. Though he would do it for free in most cases, he just never lets people know his true intentions.

A Short Story as told by Colin:

“Once upon a time I came across a small town called “Swiney” out in the country, such a quint village, the hustle and bustle of everyday life going on; it was truly a beautiful site. I played the local inn that night, it was a great showing. I did comedy to singing sweet melodies, and in fact I met a woman named Melody who made me sing even sweeter later that night. But I digress, there was a point in my show where I asked the town if they had heard of any stories, and one older fellow stood up and told me how tomorrow night a Minotaur would show up in at the edge of town and demand a child in payment to leave the town alone.

The whole town seemed shocked that he would tell me this story; apparently this had been going on for years! I quickly turned to the people in the bar and asked how many children had been taken? “Eight” said a man in the crowd, well that would not do I thought to myself, and I stood up on the stage and proclaimed that I would put an end to this nonsense and this Minotaur would stop harassing the community even if I had to slay it myself! That got the crowd in an excited mood, and I was tipped very well by everyone at the bar.

My problem was the next day came and so did the Minotaur! The whole town came to get me, I got dressed in my leather combat gear with my rapier by my side and my mandolin in my hand I casually strolled up to the large cow beast and nodded, speaking very nicely to him. “You will not be taking any more children from this town and you will leave and never return.” For some reason the Minotaur laughed and balked at me in disbelief, he then turned his head down aimed his horns and puffed smoke out of his nose. It was then I started strumming a song of a story of a Minotaur, I sang so gently and so perfectly that the cow beast calmed down and tilted his head to the side. If I recall I saw a tear fall from his right eye.”

Oh the bulls of the west are the best,
With their strength and their might,
And their skill with the sword,
Their chest so proud and their horns turned high,
They pound their feet, and their enemies die
With the sight so fierce and their mighty cheers,
The bulls of the west could never fear
For they are the most noblest race in the land

Misunderstood by the rest, and constantly tested
The Minotaur nation will surely thrive,
For no one can stand the sight of the Minotaur’s might,
No one understands the Minotaur’s fight,
No one understands the Minotaur’s plight,
But as they pound their chest, everyone shall see
Why the bulls of the west are the best,
And why the Minotaur’s will surely survive

He sighed and looked at me, threw me a key and told me where he was keeping the other children, he then turned and walked off into the distance, never to be seen or heard from again. I like to think he went back to his people, but who knows? All that matters was that the town got their children back, and the cow beast left the town alone for good. And that is the story of how Colin “The Daring” defeated the Minotaur of “Swiney”.

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PostSubject: Re: Colin "The Daring" Droverson   Colin "The Daring" Droverson I_icon_minitimeFri May 27, 2011 4:17 pm

Its not that hes daring, he just doesnt give a fuck, jk lol inside joke.

i absolutely love this char, we rly dont have a comedic relief, joey could look at this too but I see approved written all over it.

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PostSubject: Re: Colin "The Daring" Droverson   Colin "The Daring" Droverson I_icon_minitimeFri May 27, 2011 6:20 pm

LOVE IT! made me laugh, made me cry and it gave me a boner.
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PostSubject: Re: Colin "The Daring" Droverson   Colin "The Daring" Droverson I_icon_minitime

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Colin "The Daring" Droverson
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