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 Lemaire Teaunepar(NPC)

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PostSubject: Lemaire Teaunepar(NPC)   Lemaire Teaunepar(NPC) I_icon_minitimeThu May 19, 2011 6:03 pm

Lemaire Teaunepar(NPC) Tekcd1b198

Name: Lemaire Teaunepar
Age: 77
Race: Half Elf
Height: 5'3
Weight: 130
Blood type: AB
Alignment: Reserved Benevolent
Hometown: Lunastium
Laterality: Left
Occupation: Florist
Class: White Mage


Special Attack: House of Solace; When caught in dire times of danger, Lemaire puts up a temporary magic field of protect and reflect together that effectively stops all but the most powerful of attacks while using heal, cure, invigorate and recover from within. (Can also be used with multiple allies within the field)

Leamire Teaunepar is the childhood friend of the Noctum twins, Lysander and Alexia; their friendship goes all the way back to her father Liamwil being guildskin, longtime friends and 33rd Garrison battle mates with Juste. Leamire is born into half elf heritage from her mother, Damana being high elf and her father, human. Liamwil has lived well into 275 years by wearing an extremely rare, evlen bracelet from his wife that extends the lifespan of it's wearer by 500 years. Lemaire grew up as something of an outcast to her mother's side of the family; high elfs look upon halflings as lesser beings due ot the fact they very seldom breed outside their race. Lemaire was delighted to have fellow elven friends who wouldn't shun her as a child and her and the Noctum twins have been fast friends since. Lemaire is a quiet, sensitive individual who tries to keep structure and order of things. Growing up constantly critisized by her elven relatives, she tends to hide her self doubt with poised confidence. She learned white magic from her mother when she was younger and grasped the basics for it as a young adult. Lemaire cares deeply for her two friends and would do anything for either twin. Being an only child, Alexia is the closest thing to a sister Lemaire has. She also has regarded Lysander as a brother throughout their childhood, although now fresh adults, Lemaire's feelings hint at something more. Recently, Alexia's kidnapping has upset her, as well as seeing how it affected Lysander. Lysander left the island alone to search for his sister, which has Lemaire even more upset; knowing she can't bear for much longer without both twins, she contemplates leaving to find them as well.
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Lemaire Teaunepar(NPC)
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