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 Celeste Noctum(NPC)

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PostSubject: Celeste Noctum(NPC)   Celeste Noctum(NPC) I_icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 7:42 pm

Celeste Noctum(NPC) Tekbd27859

Name:Celeste Noctum
Age: 492
Race: Stella Nympha
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145
Blood type: O-
Alignment: Silent Benevolent
Hometown: Iridia City
Laterality: Ambidextrious
Occupation: Professor
Class: Sage

- Blood Rush(Race exclusive); Stella Nymphas use this feat to increase speed, reflexes and strength for 30 seconds
- Infuse; Celeste can infuse magic spell elements to herself or her weapons
- Clarity; Sages learn to maintain the utmost inner focus and peace, allowing them to tap into hidden magic reserves


Special attack: Ascender; Using blood rush and at the cost of guarenteed fatigue, Celeste conjures a tornado which envelops her and the target, rendering the enemy helpless. This is followed by casting fire, ice, lightning, earth, light and dark magic at them; when the final spell hits, Celeste drops from the twister and with a snap of her fingers, the leftover magic of all the elements compresses the twister and blasts the enemy into a random direction

Celeste is mother of the Noctum twins and wife to retired Lt. Juste Noctum. Hailing from the grand Iridia City, Celeste was born into a noble family and was born a savant, with a high affinity to magic and strong essence detection. Celeste entered the mages' schola when she was a young girl and excelled in all studies of magic. She barely possesses any semblance of hand to hand combat ability and doesn't have the physicality as the rest of her family, but more than makes up in her magic and knowledge. A quiet, poised, firm and introverted individual (to the point her own husband fears it), Celeste is extremely perceptive and prefers to let her actions speak. Nevertheless, she loves her husband and children with unyielding bounds. Her essence sensitivity is very high and unique, making her somewhat of a medium; she is attuned to the paranormal spirits of the world. This can be detrimental to Celeste as spirits can feed off her own essence, draining her magic reserves. In recent events, her daughter Alexia has been kidnapped by the Black Dawn and her son Lysander is pursuing them. Celeste wields Yama, an enchanted staff that only stella nymphas can use, which Alexia currently possesses and lent her magical amulet to her son Lysander in his travels. The rise of Archer's AoA is making the residents of Lunastium uneasy and Celeste prepares alongside her husband for things to come.
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Celeste Noctum(NPC)
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