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 Alexia Noctum(Secondary character)

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PostSubject: Alexia Noctum(Secondary character)   Alexia Noctum(Secondary character) I_icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 1:07 pm

Alexia Noctum(Secondary character) Tek0a6e987f

Name:Alexia Noctum
Age: 88
Race: Stella Nympha
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135
Blood type: O-
Alignment: Benevolent
Hometown: Lunastium
Laterality: Right
Occupation: Instructor
Class: Strikecaster

- Blood Rush(Race exclusive); Stella nymphas use this feat to increase speed, reflexes and strength for 30 seconds
- Tandem crush; Created with her brother Lysander, Alexia can team up with another person for a tandem attack of magic and strikes

-Frost field
-Lightning strike

Special attack: Stormstrike; Using blood rush, Alexia casts a powerful storm of frost, lightning and fire in rotating strikes, totaling 12 times before calling down an immense flame cyclone, composed of frozen lightning

Alexia is Lysander's twin sister and one of the stella nymphas. The two are similar in many respects, yet she also is his opposite. Outgoing, slightly impatient, talkative, kind, tenacious, happy-go-lucky and witty, Alexia followed more in her mother's footsteps and took an affinity to magic, while still learning basic combat from her father. When teamed up with her brother in combat, Alexia magically augments her brother's fighting prowess and the two use nigh unstoppable attacks when in sync. Being a stella nympha also let's Alexia pick up on essences, though to a higher degree than Lysander's. Alexia wields her mother's magic staff Yama which only stella nymphas can wield and her father's protective cape, which is light as silk, yet defends greatly from most physical attacks. Alexia also teaches at the same schola her brother does, though the two teach in different specialties; Lysander in combat and Alexia in magic. Of recent events, Alexia has been kidnapped by the Black Dawn. Her whereabouts are unknown.
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Alexia Noctum(Secondary character)
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