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 Juste Noctum(NPC)

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Juste Noctum(NPC) Tek4a89585

Name: Juste Noctum
Age: 527
Race: Stella Nympha
Height: 6'6
Weight: 245
Blood type: O-
Alignment: Heroic
Hometown: Tirias
Laterality: Left
Occupation: Retired Lieutenant
Class: Warlord

-Blood Rush(Race exclusive): Stella nymphas use this feat to increase speed, reflexes and strength for 30 seconds
-Battle focus: Division leaders of Arkose army troops learn to keep calm even in the most bleak of situations

-Heal wounds

Special attack: Tideturner; Using blood rush, Juste taps into his battle focus and extends the rush limit to five minutes, fighting at an unrivaled peak capacity

Juste is the patriarch and head of the Noctum family. Born and raised in the city of Tirias he has a decorated career with the Arkose Army, having 250 years of service under his belt and leading the 33rd Garrison as a lieutenant under Rydelus' command. Juste's nickname was known as the Rising Tide, earned from his ability to fight back with his troops from any situation and turn the tide; the more dire, the harder fought back. Juste is a no nonsense, gruff man with a deep caring for his family, friends and troops he served with. Currently retired, he raised his children to be strong, tolerant, tactful and caring for those around them. Wise, strong, humorous, courageous and relentless, Juste knows of the turnover of the AoA and has sent his son to find Rydelus Archaic, the man who formerly led the grand army and rumored to be dead, to start by hunting the Black Dawn and retrieve his daughter. Juste can unleash the full strength of the Syu, his blade to whom he lent to his son Lysander, as well as a protective cape to his daughter Alexia. Juste feels a sense of urgency with current times and now prepares and plans to see that the army doesn't fall under totalitarian rule.
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Juste Noctum(NPC)
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