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 Faceless Shadow

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PostSubject: Faceless Shadow   Faceless Shadow I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 8:36 pm

Name: Brynn -Faceless Shadow
Age: 95
Race: High Elf
Height: 5’8
Weight: 126
Blood type: unkown
Alignment: neutral
Place of Origin: Iridia City
Occupation: Mercenary
Class: Assassin

Appearance: Brynn has a very toned physique. She rests a slightly above average human female height with tanned skin and pearl white hair that when down, rests at the small of her back. Often; however, she pulls it up into a high pony-tail in order to get a better visual of her prey. The leather that Brynn wears is made of the finest leather crafted, it is very thick and tough, but easily manipulated and great for tactile movements. Unlike most elves that use bows of throwing spears, Brynn carries with her two large daggers that she wields in a reverse fashion. She also carries smaller daggers all over her body; these are used for easier, less messy targets, or as a ranged attack/defense. Despite her age, Brynn appears to be around the age of 24. Her face is that of a delicate child with soft smooth skin, but her jade colored eyes show no fear for things to come.

Skills: Brynn has one rare ability that not only sets her apart from most beings in Turast but it also makes her an automatic fugitive of the law. She obtained the ability of mysticism at birth. With mysticism, Brynn can make herself or other things appear to be someone or something they are not. Mysticism is not like being a changling, Brynn cannot actually morph into another beings, but she can almost formulate a hologram around herself and others. Like most elves, Brynn is very agile and acrobatic, and has taken the time to perfect these given gifts. She is very fast and very persuasive.

Bio: Brynn was born in Iridia City, a major city in Turast that had been home of her noble parents for many, many years. (Her parents are the highest Noble-High Elf family in the Kingdom) Their people rejoiced once news spread that their first born had been conceived, but no one had expectations for a princess like Brynn. Once Brynn finally arrived in Iridia, she was beautiful and her parents were very pleased to have such a beautiful, happy baby girl. Well, a few years past and Brynn was around 10 when she first began to discover her forbidden abilities. Her noble parents were struck with grief when they too discovered their beloved Brynn’s mystic abilities. Only because this sort of craft is illegal, Brynn’s parents shipped her to the small island of Lunastium out of fear for their childs safety. Since her parents had such an enormous responsibility with the throne, they did not go with Brynn. Instead, they built a small castle on the far side of the island and hired many different people to take care of her. These people included a Nanny, a body guard, a maid, a cook, along with a whole assortment of people to look after the young elf. At first, Brynn’s mother had planned to travel to see her daughter every few days, then every few weeks, then every few months. Her father, ashamed and embarrassed of what Brynn really was, never came. As Brynn slowly aged, she began to grow a hatred of her parents because of how they disowned their only daughter. At the age of 26 Brynn came up with a plan to escape her body guard and be rid of the shame filled life that she was living. One day Brynn traveled to the docks with her body guard not far behind. He was human, and was getting to be much older now and less sharp. Brynn had tested his eyes lately and decided now was the right time to escape. She slipped away from him just long enough to use her mystic power to appear as a small man she saw loading a small cargo boat. It worked. Brynn was on her way to Talc City with no money, no family, no body guard, and no shame.
Once Brynn arrived in Talc city, she began using her mysticism to pass small objects off as money in order to obtain food. The only thing that troubled her was the objects never stayed long enough to her get away without a chase. She quickly became a target for local street gangs and the law enforcement. Luckily for Brynn, she was able to use her mysticism to appear to be different people every day. Eventually, Brynns agilty, speed, and stealthy skills began to open doors for jobs and for recognitions from the local criminals. Now, instead of them chasing her because she ripped them off or stole from them, they wanted her to join them because her wonderous abilities would be a great asset to whatever cause they persude. Brynn began taking small jobs at first: "Shake this guy up..." "Steal from this guy...". Eventually, Brynn began slaughtering innocent people to make ends meet. She was good at this and although her employers would beg her for her secret, she never gave it up. Brynn had a childish personality, and thought of killing more as an art. She would always have some sort of goodbye ritual for her victims, but the remorse she had sometimes felt, never faultered her next kill.
Eventually Brynn, now 75 and still young, ran into a small group of mercenaries lead by a young, very skilled fighter, Rhydelous Archaic. He was a 24 year old human that towered over Brynn. When Brynn met him she was equivelant to about eight years younger than he was. They were heading for the same target and Rhyde walked in just as Brynn was completing her mission. His presence shocked her, she had never been caught in the act. Rhyde, despite his harsh mercanary ways, was gentle towards the girl. He spoke with a gentle wind that Brynn hadn't heard since before her abilities blossomed. She joined his group of mercenaries and became his apprentice. Rhyde knew he could trust the girl, for some reason she became very attatched to him and would often call him big brother. He taught her many things about honor, dignity, valor, and most of all pride. She trusted him with everything she had, but never informed him of her darkest secret. Brynn had used stolen weapons to commit her crimes, but one day, Rhyde brought her two twin daggers that Brynn instantly fell in love with. She would spend hours sharpening and cleaning away every drop of blood. Rhyde taught her that killing the innocent is not the path she should fallow. From then on, Brynns targets deserved every second of agony she instilled.
The pair were inseperable, watching eahothers back in battle as if it were they were father and his daughter. Rhyde showed Brynn that the bond she read in fairy tales actually existed, he was the father she never had. Their reign fell short; however, when they were traveling with their group of mercs and came across a bandit raid against King Cason. Rhyde new that if they didn't interfere, many innocent would be killed. He released his mercs on the bandits they were out-numbered at least five to one. Brynn lead a group of bandits into the forrested areas around the battle. She did this because the woods provided shelter for her to use her gifts against the enemy. Brynn, agile as ever reverred over the group and ran back to the main battle. When she arrived, she immediatly fell to her knees. Her fellow mercs were dead, the scene was bloody a grusome. Not a soul remained. Not even Rhyde. Brynn could not make out any faces of the bloody mess and could not locate Rhydes body. She felt it in her heart, Rhyde was dead.
From that day one, Brynn was solo. She had no interest in making any new bonds with anyone for fear of losing them as she did Rhyde. She went on as a lonely merc and soon was named the Faceless shadows by her employers and the public. No one that she dealt business go to see her true face. Within her work, she kept all the morals that Rhyde had instilled in her. It has been a little over twenty years since that day amd Brynn continues to live her life alone, she owns many small homes throughout Silica, her favorite, and where she spends most of her time is in a secluded beach house off the farthest south area of Silica's South beach. Her intentions for live are to live alone... that is for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Faceless Shadow   Faceless Shadow I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 8:45 pm

Love it. Approved
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